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Game Title Item
LvL 4 mission tengu Tengu / Strategic Cruisers / Caldari
Wormhole Scout Nemesis / Covert Ops / Gallente
Vindi Vindicator / Faction Battleships / Gallente
High-Sec Explor-Combat Vexor / Standard Cruisers / Gallente
Ratting(Angel spec) Talos / Standard Battlecruisers / Gallente

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Attention Fansite Developers, Tool Builders and Guide Writers!

Got a Fansite / Game Tool / Guide / Mod?
BattleClinic wants to help you get the word out to the players about your great stuff. We offer access to professional development tools, an active and knowledgable community of coders, and plenty of eyeballs to attract attention. Plus for certain games, we can show you how to make money from your site without having to pack it full of advertising. Submit your fansite, mod, or tool (whether it's web based or works on the desktop) and let's talk!

We're currently building this program and will update this page frequently, so check back often!

Please note: We don't host or promote cheats, trainers, or macros, or anything related to gold-farming.

Looking for a gig?
When we're building new tools for the great games we support, we sometimes need talented artists, coders (php, dot net, java, and other technologies) and site designers (flash, xml, html, css). If you have an existing portfolio in any of these areas, and play or are willing to play the games we support, put yourself on our gig list! We'll offer you first chance at any gigs we've got coming up. Best of all, they're usually fee-based, either in real money or with in-game money.

Our job list right now:

Game Gig Details Status Closes
Eve-OnlineFlash & XMLNeed a skilled professional to help us enhance several interactive flash pieces. *This is a PAID gig*Accepting proposals.Open for now
Eve-OnlineiPhone AppNeed a skilled professional to help us develop an iPhone app. *This is a PAID gig*Accepting portfolio.Open for now

Sign up to be notified for gigs (coming soon)
Submit your fansite / tool / guide / mod (coming soon)
Contribute a how-to tutorial for other fansite / tool developers (coming soon)